Maternity and Family Photos

Starting a family. Building a family.

Together we can capture these moments so you can remember and treasure them. Sharing this special time with family and friends far away... that is the beauty of having maternity and family photo shoots.

Maternity and family photo shoots start with a 1-hour minimum in San Francisco/Bay Area locations, with up to four people.




We take them to record special moments, milestones and at particular times and places in our lives.

Or we take them because we want to express our stories, keep a record of our lives.

Portraits are gifts of the self. I truly love individual portrait sessions. I love helping my subjects plan the how's and where's we'll capture their best selves.

Location portraiture is a specialty of mine, and natural light can be amazing. Let's talk about what you want to achieve with your personal portrait session.

Corporate Headshots and Stock Images

Oftentimes it's more cost efficient to plan and stage your own stock photos for your website than purchase one expensive, generic photo for your website.

I am happy to brainstorm, stage and make your business website reflect who and what you do.



Food & Events

Nothing can be more fun or exciting than shooting beautiful food and the action behind the scenes at an event. I work fast and know how to be in the right place at the right time, and can help stage food, too.

Hourly and day rates are an option, depending on your event.


Taking photos of people being active, collaborating or expressing themselves is something I truly enjoy.

Sharing an organization's work or message through documentary style photography can help raise awareness, add momentum or inspire. Photographs can be  key to developing understanding and outreach.