I can’t say enough good things about Julie as a photographer and as a person. As a photographer, she somehow is able to bring out the essence of a feeling and emotion. She has an innate grasp of how to translate that into not a “picture” but a memory and you actually feel that emotion again each time you view the memory.

As a person, she is kind, considerate, patient and thoughtful. She really made our wedding day and helped capture the moments.
— Fabian
Julie is an amazing photographer. I met her when I participated in iliveheresf.com, and then also hired her as my wedding photographer.

Julie has a way of making everyone incredibly comfortable around her. My hubby is not a fan of the camera and so I was a little worried. But Julie took us out for an engagement photo shoot and she joked around with him and was just so friendly and warm that I think all of hubby’s fears and worries (and mine) just melted away.

She was also instantly happy to take “non-traditional” photos. I didn’t want a bunch of people smiling at the camera, but just wanted the fun and happiness to come through in the photos. I have to say that Julie’s candid shots are her best, and she manages to catch that smile or giggle from the other side of the room. It’s like she has the ability to capture someone’s personality in a single frame.

From start to finish, working with Julie is a wonder. While organizing a wedding, there are enough things that you have to worry about, the photographer shouldn’t be one. And with Julie, it won’t be. She is wonderful and goes above and beyond for you. You can tell that she really cares about not only her photos, but also about you.

I would never for a second hesitate in hiring her again, or recommending her to anyone.
— Mariko
Julie is an amazing photographer and such a joy to work with. I worked with her on several occasion, mostly on social events, art openings etc...She has an amazing eye for details and her pictures always captures the perfect moments . Also, she has a true gift for setting camera-shy subjects at ease! I can’t wait to have the opportunity to hire her again and highly recommend her to anyone.
— Carole
Julie is a fantastic photographer and a real pleasure to work with. We hired Julie as our wedding photographer—she came recommended by a friend of a friend, and now I can see why. We met with her for coffee a few months before the wedding, just so that she could get to know us better and get a sense about what we wanted on the big day. She also set us up with an “engagement session” just so we could get used to being in front of the camera. On the big day, she captured so many of the moments that we otherwise might have missed. We now have beautiful pictures that capture the warmth of the day and the personalities of our guests. On top of everything else, she’s a great person who sets everyone she meets at ease.
— Mary
Julie took my maternity and baby’s photos, and did a beautiful job on both. She was also the photographer for two friends’ weddings - one of which I was bridesmaid for. So it’s on the basis of a fair amount of experience that I can say she does an excellent job, is very professional and unobstrusive. She does a fabulous job of relaxing her subjects and capturing their candid moments. Especially for my maternity photos - I was feeling a little nervous about whether I’d just look fat, but she made me feel totally comfortable and left me with some beautiful memories.
— Briony
It’s funny, when Chris and I first met with Julie during a pre-wedding trial; we said something to her like: ‘At the end of the day, all we need is three or four good photos.’ As it turned out, we got hundreds of journalistic masterpieces and in record time. I’ve actually never heard of anyone getting their wedding photographs so quickly. Chris and I literally got chills when we saw Julie’s film of our wedding. It was like reliving the day, but so much better. We were able to behold the splendor of the special moments that meant so much to us at the time, but embark on a journey of hidden gems that we completely missed. Julie has an incredible knack of finding beauty in just about person and in just about every nook and cranny. I don’t think this venue or this group of people has ever looked as good as when captured through the artistic eye of Julie Michelle.

Months after our wedding, we still hear from wedding guests regarding the amazingly wonderful candid shots that Julie took. So many of these images have not only become Facebook profiles for the majority of our friends, but holiday cards for family abound! And while Julie’s work may be scattered throughout hundreds of homes, she was never pushy or intrusive in retrieving these pictures during our big day. She did, however, seem to magically appear at opportune times, doing little extra things to help out, that I’m sure certainly exceed the job descriptions of most wedding photographers. Julie’s easy-going yet professional nature made her a true gem to work with. We are forever grateful!
— Abby
I first discovered Julie’s work through her I Live Here SF blog and immediately fell in love with her stunning photography. So when Morgan and I started planning our wedding, I knew exactly who I wanted. The package, which included our engagement shots, was quite reasonable. But more importantly, this extremely camera shy couple loved every picture. Not only were the staged photos gorgeous, but Julie’s ability to capture those candid moments truly sets her apart. I recommend her with great enthusiasm for your photography needs.
— Anne
At first, I was thrilled to meet Julie because I had seen her work and was impressed. She shot an event I will never forget, in large part because I have so many beautiful reminders. That was only the beginning, though: the more I worked with Julie, the more we became friends. A job is not just a job to some people, and Julie always brings more than open eyes and an open mind: she has an open heart, and accordingly she captures the heart of her subjects (whether they be people or landscapes or inanimate objects). She has contributed fine art for the covers of a book my nonprofit published and has shot several more of our shows; I’ve seen her set up websites for artists she’s profiled, simply because she believes in them; and she has taken the hands-down best picture of me the world will likely ever see. I feel stronger for knowing Julie Michelle—I really do—and though she makes me look special, I am by no means unique when it comes to these feelings.
— Evan
Julie’s work is both beautiful and professional. She was thorough in her preparation, got the results to me promptly, and even took the time to clean up the photos, adjusting color balance and lighting to make them amazing. One of the best photographers I’ve worked with on a show.
— Cassie
If you don’t make a living posing for a photograph, the task can be rather daunting. I’ve been the subject of the occasional photo shoot, mostly for friends who wanted me as a guinea pig for their portfolios. But I can easily say that shooting with Julie was one of the few times I’ve actually felt comfortable in front of the lens. I didn’t even meet her until moments before our shoot began, but she put me at ease right away. Julie’s style is mellow, her technique is considerable and her photos are truly amazing. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
— LaDonna
Julie is fantastic! ‘I don’t photograph well,’ I’d said to her grimly. I meant it. Then I met her and promptly forgot. Julie is incredibly engaging and fun. She walked me through the whole experience from make-up to the end of the shoot—she had it all covered—so smoothly. I was swept up in her stories—talked right out of my usual anxious, self-conscious self. The photos seemed almost incidental. Until I saw them. Wow. My friend said, “You look amazing.” Yeah, I know. And it looks like me. Never thought it could happen. Grateful for the miracle.
— Lynda
Julie Michelle is the most clear-seeing individual I know. She’s razor-sharp when shooting on the streets of San Francisco, comfortingly gentle and empathetic in portrait work, and infinite fun to be around as well.
— Jacqueline
Julie Michelle ‘gets it.’ There are many talented artists in the world in many different fields but very few ‘get it’; get how to affect us, get how to reach out to us and get us to step in their world. That’s something no amount of teaching or new equipment can give you. That only comes from the soul an artist who grew up here. Julie’s San Francisco isn’t the trite sunny Post Card Row of houses or cable cars in front of bridges, it isn’t the Hob Nobbing elite and the views from their apartments, it isn’t the hackneyed hipster underground with its contrived edge. It’s grounded, it’s pensive, it’s the tiny crevices hidden away in between streets and houses, it’s the cool afternoon fog that obscures these treasures from a muggles view, it’s the people we forget on the street as we breeze through their neighborhoods in bubbles. It’s Julie’s world. And she’s willing to share it with you. If you are willing to look.
— Christian